The VIKTOR collection dramatises the innovative use of lines and angles that prescribe uniquely masculine aesthetics without compromising comfort. The design is characterised by the creative use of negative space to epitomise office vogue. Equally striking when placed in public spaces or office loves. VIKTOR displays versatility through its clever play of forms.

Designed for XTRA.



1-TON side copy.jpg
1-TON back 2 copy.jpg

One–Ton is an outdoor bench that is made of concrete as a reminder of the old public benches, complimented by a touch of modern materials and colours. Just like the neighbourhood and park benches of old, One–Ton serves to revisit concrete public benches that can be used for resting or socializing in outdoor spaces.

The name of the bench is based on a clever play on the localized word Wanton (one-ton) Mee, and how the word would roll off a foreigner’s tongue in his/her first encounter with the dish. One–Ton is pun-iture that aims to celebrate Singapore’s iconic hawker fare amidst an increasingly international population demographics and the influx of other global cuisines.

One-Ton was one of the products featured in the Little Thoughts Group in 2013, where it was displayed in the Singapore National Museum and the Singapore International Furniture Fair in 2013.




With its classic upholstery and distinctive polished stainless steel support, the Layton defines understated sophistication with just the right touch of formality.

This series of lounge seating will help to create the perfect impression in executive offices and guest waiting areas.

Designed for BENEL.



SAM_1757 jf.png

An intriguing tension between diagonal circle provides a stimulating focal point in the workplace. The multidimensional frame draws attention and inspires curiosity of a user looking for a visual break.

The J-F tables can be used as an aesthetic complement to a set of lounge furniture.

Designed for XTRA.



HI-EIGHT 1.png
HI-EIGHT 2.png

Privacy is a luxury in abundance with these high wall panels.

The functional design offers flexibility that makes good use of limited space - either as a casual workspace or an informal discussion area - and reduces the need for dedicated meeting rooms.

HI-EIGHT seats 2-3 persons, while a more compact HI-TWO accommodates 1-2 persons.

Designed for XTRA.


Grover & Jones

Grover&Jones 6 copy.png
Grover&Jones 01.png
Grover&Jones 2 copy.png
Grover&Jones 5 copy.png

GROVER & JONES is a set of furniture that promotes interaction by inviting users to lean on the sofa multifaceted sides for quick discussions. The single seat JONES adds a point of interest to any office with its angled shapes. GROVER & JONES may be used together to form a complete set of lounge seating, or individually to smarten up the workplace.

Designed for XTRA.

GROVER & JONES won the Singapore Good Design Mark Award in 2014.




Double the colour, twice the fun. Mix and match different fabric colours with Duelle. To ensure clean, crisp edges, a painstaking effort has been put into upholstering this series.

Add a touch of fun to your office setting, collaboration or breakout area with Duelle. Up the fun quotient even more by pairing it with Doba.

Designed for Benel.




For the best of two colours. Mix and match different fabric colours with Doba. Playing with edges and contours, the contemporary design of the Doba makes it a versatile piece that can be used to liven up your office setting. Up the fun quotient by pairing it with Duelle.

Designed for Benel.




Absolute smartness. The Abay is able to bring out the texture and colour of any fabric selection with its solid black metal base. With uncomplicated, sleek lines, the Abay is complementary to nearly any office setting. Create a varied yet consistent look by pairing it with Bay as they share the same body.

Designed for Benel.